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Chemical Skin Peel - No. 1 acne treatment

The build up of dead skin cells, blocks the pores and leads to spots. Chemical peels can help to resurface the skin, prevent break-outs and fade scarring. You may have seen chemical peels on the TV that show skin sloughing off for weeks after but do not be deterred. We offer varying grades of chemical peel that have no to little downtime. 
  • Our 40% Glycolic Acid peel is a superficial peel that rarely causes any peeling at all and is ideal for mild acne and acne scarring. Acne treatment
  • Our 70% Glycolic Acid peel is a medical grade peel  that can cause light peeling for 3-4 days following treatment and is ideal for deep acne scarred skin.

How do I get rid of Acne?

Acne is a disorder of the skin caused by hormones. Some try to differentiate btween 'hormaonal acne' and 'normal acne.' The truth is all acne is hormone driven. Sebum is an oil produced naturally by the skin to prevent it from drying out. The irregular hormonal activity causes in increase in the production of sebum. We also find that acne suffers do not shed the layers of dead skin as quickly as others. Both of these issues result in blocked hair folicles and the build up for infection beneath the skin, resulting in a pustule or 'spot.'

An important step when dealing with acne is to consider any issues that may be influencing your hormones such as steroids, birth control, breast feeding, menopause and sugar intake (causes release of the hormones Insulin.)

Another important step is to establish a suitable skin care regime or treatment plan. Unfortunately many acne treatments sold in stores are classed as 'cosmetics.' By law cosmetics do not require testing to prove that they work. They often claim to contain active ingredients but they are often in too little quantities to have an affect or are not in a compositing that can be absorbed through the skin. It is important to seek specialist advice for a regime that consists of medical products and not cosmetics.

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