Acne Treatment Consultation

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Meet the Nurse and complete a medical assessment

Meet with our Specialist Nurse Consultant and complete a medical assessment. The nurse will then examine your skin to identify the problem. If required the nurse can show you the proper technique to extract white heads and educate you about the causes of acne an how to prevent break-outs.

Price Expectation

As the skin care regime is personalised for each individual; only once you have attended the clinic for a full consultation can the Nurse fully assess the treatment required, but below are some examples of some typical treatments:

Prescribed skin care regime = £70-£120 (3-5 products)
40% Glycolic Peel = £80
70% Glycolic Peel = £90
Course of 6 40% Glycolic Acid Peels = £420
Course of 6 (2+4) 70% Glycolic Acid Peel = £450

Get treated

The Nurse will give you a personalised care plan with suggested products to treat your skin. You may also require a course of chemical peels. Occasionally, nutritional issues may contribute to your condition and a referral to the clinic nutritionist may be recommended. Equally if any underlying medical issues are identified., you may be referred to your GP for diagnosis.
Treatment for acne is progressive and ongoing and the care plan may suggest lifestyle changes. You need to be prepared to commit to a new regime and possibly lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, there is no 'quick fix' for acne and anyone who tells you otherwise will leave you disappointed and out of pocket.
If Chemical Peels are recommended a typical treatment would look like this:
1. Before pictures will be taken
2. Make-up will be removed and vaseline applied to the particularly sensitive areas of the face.
3. The Nurse will start a timer and the Glycolic Acid will hastily be applied to our face with a brush.
4. You may experience a slight itching, prickling or burning sensation, The Nurse will continue pass the brush over our face to help relieve the sensation until the prescribed time is up.
5. The product will be removed with water and then neutraliser will be applied with cotton pads. The neutraliser will then be removed with water.
6. Following the procedure, recovery cream will be applied followed by sunscreen.
7. Whilst the result is gradual and at least 6 treatments are required to improve the tone and texture of the skin; you may notice that the skin feels particularly soft and clean after just one treatment.
8. You will be required to attend the full course of treatment and use the prescribed products in order to see a gradual improvement.
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