Dermal Fillers Consultation

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Speak to a friendly member of staff to book your free consultation or use our online booking system.

Meet the Nurse and complete a medical assessment

Meet with our Specialist Nurse Consultant and complete a medical assessment. The nurse will then discuss your concerns and examine your skin to identify the problem. The nurse will then discuss treatment options with you and give you information on the possible risks, side effects and aftercare.

Price Expectation

As the products are priced per 1ml syringe; only once you have attended the clinic for a full consultation can the Nurse fully assess the quantity of product required, but below are some examples of some typical treatments:

1ml to 2ml for typical Nasal-labio lines or Marionette lines = £255 - £510
2ml to 3ml for deep Nasal-labio lines or Marionette lines =£520 - £775
Up to 1ml for lips or cheeks or chin = £255
Up to 1ml for improvement of scars =£255

Get treated

If you would like to proceed with treatment you can either book another appointment or have treatment on the day. Before having your treatment you should think about any up coming events in case you suffer from any bruising or swelling. A typical treatment would look like this:
1. Before pictures will be taken
2. Apply numbing cream to the area to be treated, you will be required to wait for this to work.
3. The area will be cleaned and the Nurse will use either a cannula or needle (whichever is appropriate for the area) to insert the product. If using a cannula, a small insertion point will first be made with a needle.
4. The product will be placed in the required ares and the Nurse may periodically massage to areas to ensure product integration with the tissues. The product used contains a local aneasthetic so you may feel some numbness in and around the area being treated.
5. When the procedure is finished, a cream will be applied to the area to help reduce the swelling and 'after' pictures will be taken.
6. You will be given the option to attend a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks times.
7. Whilst the result is immediate, you can expect swelling in the area for the next 2 days. By day 4 the swelling should have subsided and you should be able to see the 'full effect' of your treatment.
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