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The Medical Skin Clinic
Make an appointment to visit one of our skin clinics for a free skin health assessment to decide the best treatment for you and your problem areas dermal fillers essex

Consultations are confidential, discreet and free of charge.
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The Medical  Skin Clinic - Free Consultation
Alternatively, we can come to you and offer the same thorough consultation of your needs. Home consultations cost £40.00.

Please note all procedures must be completed in our clinic

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Skin Clinic - Free consultation
Medical Skincare Products               (Prices include delivery, UK only)

Recovery cream   15ml               £24.99
Day Cream   50ml                        £44.99
Night Cream   50ml                     £44.99
Facial cleanser  100ml                £22.99
Restylane System                        £120.00

Acne Healing System                  £95.00
(Active cleanser, Clearing Hydrator, Night-time treatment, Spot treatment)

Anti-aging System                      £220.00
(Balancing cleanser, Eye Refining Matrix, Skin Renewal Complex, Vitamin Infusion, Hydrating Serum)

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Skin Clinic Consultation                                               Free
Dermal Fillers Essex
Chemical Peels
40% Glycolic Acid Peel  (Fine lines, light scarring)              £80.00
Course of 6 treatments (recommended)                     £420.00

70% Glycolic Acid Peel   (Deep lines, acne scarring)           £90.00
Course of 4+2 treatments (recommended)                 £450.00

Dermal Fillers Essex
Teosyal                       £255.00 per 1ml
Restylane                   £255.00 per 1ml
Juvederm                   £280.00 per 1ml
Tear Troughs              £450.00
8 Point facelift            £750.00

1ml typically enough to treat lines around the mouth OR lips OR cheeks. 
Consultation required for accurate assessment.

Wrinkle-relaxing Injections (as prescribed) 
1 area                                         £200.00 
2 areas                                       £250.00 
3 areas                                       £300.00
Nefertiti lift / Neck                    £250.00
Hyperhidrosis (per area)         £450.00
Migraine treatment                  £450.00

Post-procedure makeup
Glo Minerals                (Please see online shop for details and prices)

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