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Chemical Skin Peel - No. 1 acne treatment

Lines, scaring and pigmentation can blemish the skin. Chemical peels can help to resurface the skin and fade imperfections. You may have seen chemical peels on the TV that show skin sloughing off for weeks after but do not be deterred. We offer varying grades of chemical peel that have no to little downtime. 
  • Our 40% Glycolic Acid peel is a superficial peel that rarely causes any peeling at all and is ideal for fine lines and pigmentation. Acne treatment
  • Our 70% Glycolic Acid peel is a medical grade peel  that can cause light peeling for 3-4 days following treatment and is ideal for acne scarred skin and deeper wrinkles.

'Wrinkle-relaxing' injections acne

'Wrinkle-relaxing' injections are a prescription only medicine (POM) commonly know as the 'B' word. However, as this is the brand name and is a POM, it is illegal to advertise the treatment or even publish it on a website if not a registered pharmacy. As a result you will commonly see this treatment advertised as 'wrinkle injections' or 'wrinkle relaxing injection.' 

'Wrinkle-relaxing' injections are most commonly used to relax the muscles around the eye area; softening the lines caused by repeated expressions and allowing the skin to resurface - reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 
The drug is also an effective treatment of a condition known as hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating, most commonly under the arms, hands and feet. For more information about this treatment, please see the Hyperhidrosis Treatment Information page.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are injected under the skin to give volume to areas of the face. We only use Dermal Fillers made from Hyaluronic Acid which is found naturally in the body and is typically reabsorbed over the course of a year. 
Dermal Fillers are rarely used to treat areas above cheek level where Wrinkle Injections are often a more effective treatment. They can give a natural result and are most commonly used to:
  • Treat the lines from nose to mouth (nasal-labio lines)
  • Treat the lines from mouth to chin (Marionette lines)
  • Lip and Cheek Enhancement
  • Add definition to chins and jawlines
  • Non-surgical Rhinoplasy (nose)
  • 8-point face lift


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